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What constitutes a vulnerability?

This is just a post about something that grinds my gears a bit more than it reasonably should: I think the habit of applying for CVEs for Rust (and Rust ecosystem libraries) is silly at best and harmful at worst. I think it muddies the waters about what a vulnerability is, and paints an overly negative picture of Rust’s security situation that can only lead people to make inaccurate evaluations when contrasting it with other languages like C/C++.…

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Signing my git commits without GPG

Unlike most git users, I try to sign my commits. Unfortunately, the only way to do this right now is to use PGP signatures, because that is all that git is able to integrate with. This has meant that in practice I have to use GPG if I want to sign my commits, an experience I do not relish. Last week, I wrote a program to replace GPG for that purpose.…

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