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New crate: pin-cell

Today I realized a new crate called pin-cell. This crate contains a type called PinCell, which is a kind of cell that is similar to RefCell, but only can allow pinned mutable references into its interior. Right now, the crate is nightly only and no-std compatible. How is the API of PinCell different from RefCell? When you call borrow_mut on a RefCell, you get a type back that implements DerefMut, allowing you to mutate the interior value.…

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Another look at the pinning API

A few months ago we introduced the concept of “pinned” references - pointers which “pin” the data they refer to in a particular memory location, guaranteeing that it will never move again. These are an important building block for certain patterns that had previously been hard for Rust to handle, like self-referential structs and intrusive lists, and we’ve in the process of considering stabilizing the API. One thing has always nagged about the API we have right now though: the proliferation of different reference types that it implies.…

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