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Revisiting a 'smaller Rust'

A bit over a year ago, I wrote some notes on a “smaller Rust” - a higher level language that would take inspiration from some of Rust’s type system innovations, but would be simpler by virtue of targeting a domain with less stringent requirements for user control and performance. During my time of unemployment this year, I worked on sketching out what a language like that would look like in a bit more detail. I wanted to write a bit about what new conclusions I’ve come to during that time.

Notes on a smaller Rust

Many people who use Rust for a bit - especially those who like the language but do not fall in love with it - feel a sense that there must be a smaller, simpler variation on the same theme which would maybe be a little less powerful, but would also be much easier to use. I agree with them, but I think they are almost always wrong about what would need to change. Here are some notes on where I would start to create that smaller Rust.