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iou version 0.3 released

Today I made a new release of the iou library, which contains idiomatic Rust bindings to the liburing library. This library allows users to manipulate the new io-uring interface for asynchronous IO on Linux. For more context, you can read my previous post on the first release of iou last year. This new release greatly expands the API of iou, introduces some valuable improvements, and contains some breakages. I figured I would let this blog post serve as some basic release notes.…

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iou: Rust bindings for liburing

Today I’m releasing a library called iou. This library provides idiomatic Rust bindings to the C library called liburing, which itself is a higher interface for interacting with the io_uring Linux kernel interface. Here are the answers to some questions I expect that may provoke. What is io_uring? io_uring is an interface added to the Linux kernel in version 5.1. Concurrent with that, the primary maintainer of that interface has also been publishing a library for interacting with it called liburing.…

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