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Generators II: The Question Mark Problem

This is my second post on the design of generators. In the first post, I outlined what an MVP of the feature would look like. In this post, I want to take a look at the first design issue for the feature: how it integrates with the ? operator. To explain exactly what I mean, let’s start with a specific motivating example: // This generator yields the number of alphanumeric characters in every line // in some io::Read'able data // exact sign function declaration syntax left unspecified on purpose |data|{letmutbuffered_data=BufReader::new(data);letmutstring=String::new();whilebuffered_data.…

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Generators I: Toward a minimum viable product

We’re still not finished with the design of async/await, but it’s already become clear that it’s time to get the next phases of the feature into the pipeline. There are two extensions to the minimal async/await feature we’ve currently got that seem like the clear high priority: Async methods: allowing async fn to be used in traits. Generators: allowing imperative control flow to create Iterators and Streams the same way async fn allows imperative control flow to create a Future.…

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